December 2016!

 Decenber 2016 events! 

12/3/16 - SARATOGA ARTS ALL MEMBER SHOW. Saturday, December 3, 2015 - 6-8 PM - Saratoga Arts all-member show. Druthers hosting beer and food! Free! Bring a dish if you like, or a bottle of wine.  I am told the art show this year is record breaking, due to the  record breaking number of Saratoga member artists that submitted one art piece each, to be displayed! Your FAV photographer, Sue, has a black and white enlarged print exhibited,   called "Wild Bill, " from her Southwest series, never before seen in Saratoga! A handsome  Tolbstone cowboy, he is a mirror image of Wild Bill Hickok! Come to the social event of the month of December!









July / August 2016!  Brookside Museum - Ballston Spa

Sue is gathering up her horse artist friends that draw, paint and photograph horses, so that their work can be shown at ththis summer at Ballston Spa's Brookside Museum art show, "HORSES!" Art Show opens July 1, 2016, and closes September 2, 2016.  "HORSES!" artist reception is Friday July 29, from 6-8 PM. . Guest artists will be Saratogas equine painter, Sharon Crute, and Saratogas equine photographer, Sharon Castro, along with the team of  mother daughter Isabella, who will be displaying and selling their  beautifully  decorated horseshoes. MARK MUNZERT, the Cowboy Poet of NYS, will be entertaining.  On Thursday, July 14, 2016, there will be a guest lecturer (TBA) The lecture hours are 7-8 PM. A second lecture will be scheduled for sometime in August. Hope to see you there!









October /  November 2015 - Sue has an exciting new  solo show hung at  39 Front Street Deli, Ballston Spa NY. Featuring TOMBSTONE and Navajo  Code Talkers, in honor of Veterans Day, and all our veterans. Deli is open 8 AM - 8 PM, 7 days a week.

September 2015 -

*** LIKE Cowboy Poetry on Facebook. Moderator and friend Mark Munzert is posting some of Sue's Western Photography Collection to inspire  nationally know western photographers to write a slice of poetry, and then post ! How cool is that? 

September  - Submitted Sue's "Electric Horse"  Series into LARACS call for artists art show, coming up in October, at the Lapham Gallery in Glens Falls, NY. Wish me luck!!!

September 2015 - Sue will be entering several international photography competitons on-line - Stay tuned for the results!

August - September 26th, 2015 - Saratoga Arts -  "10 x 10 = 100" Show. Sue's NEW "Bad Dog," Series, three  black and whites of a little cutie dog that has some "bad" behaviors and wears shame signs for the world to see,   are on display and for sale. Too cute!


August -  2015 - "COWBOY" solo photography show by Sue Clark. Ballston Spa's Coffee Planet. "Friend" Coffee Planet to see hours of operation etc. Free "COWBOY" print giveaway in October!!!  How?  You MUST post a creative comment to Sue's "Guest Book," on her website. You MUST include  your contact info in order to be in the runing! Most creative/inspirational post  will be selected.  


8/12/15  -Brain Fart - Sue delovered her photos on the wrong date to the Altamont Fair Fine Arts Barn. Better luck next year! Still... go up and vote for your favorites! 

August 11 - 16, 2015 - Altamont Fair. GO find the Fine Arts Barn at the Fair. Fine Arts Barn is located up by the Kareoke  Building. ( It is NOT the 4-H Craft barn.) Sue will have her 2 of her new "Electric Horses" Series on display. Athird print will be  from Sue's  "Bad Dog" Series. The forth selection will be "Dr. Toms Flag of Iwo Jima." There is a public vote for favorite photography! Go have fun! Superb photography  is on display. Professional. I have always been pleased with the Altamont Fairs Photography competition. The exhibit is juried and ribbons and cash prizes given out. 



May - June 15, 2015. Solo Photography Show - Coffee Planet -  Ballston Spa.  "Honoring the Navajo Code Talkers of WWII."

 May/June 2015 - Sue will be a featured  photographer in an article about local general stores, in the next edition of "Simply Saratoga." Watch for it  in early June! Found at Price Chopper and Saratoga Library, among other places. 

7/2015 - 8/2015  "TOMBSTONE" PORTRAIT SOLO SHOW!!! Sue will be the "Artist on the Wall." Where you ask? COFFEE PLANET - BALLSTON 

SUMMER 2015 - Once again, Sue will be following around the Navajo Horse Blessing Project as volunteer photographer.



2/27/2105- 2/28/2015

Come see Sue at the Saratoga City Center / Saratoga Rotary  art event of the year! Art auction preview is 2/27/15, 5:30 - 8:30 pm. Actual charity art auction is 2/28/15,Priceeds 50% go to Saratoga Rotary Charity Fund. ADIRONDACK WINE serving tastings of their craft beer and wine both days. 


Schenectady Historical Sociaty's Maybee Farm Site.  - Sue has three photography selections on the Society's "Where Are You From" juried show, in the new gallery building. Show is open  until end of February. See SHS website for hours. 

The selections spotlight two local Iwo Jima Marine survivors from WWII, Tom and Sal below,  friend Marie's 80th birthday celebration with her family,  and then  and Sue's native roots.

Let me know if you go see!  











 Saturday, December 6th, 2014. 6-8 PM. All Member Show and Artist Reception!!! Saratoga Arts - 320 Broadway, Saratoga. Potluck. Bring your fav bottle of wine, and a small dish to pass. A fav event of the year!!! All Member Show on exhibit until Jan 1, 2015.

 PAST:  Saturday, November 15h, 2-4 PM. ARTIST RECEPTION!! Schenectady Historical Society's Mabee Farm site, Rotterdam Junction, NY - Juried art show / artist reception - Sue has three selections in this show!!! Show is open until February 2015.  

OCTOBER 1- 31, 2014 -   Sue has photographed dolls and doll faces for several years now. Her "C.S.I. Doll" digital fine art print was juried into the beautiful Glens Falls  LARAC Lapham Gallery juried art show, "Define: Color." The show will be open for viewing from October 1 - October 31, 2014. Guest juror was Tony Iadicicco, Director of Albany Art Center. Tony is an accomplished artist himself.   


JULY / AUGUST 2014 - Sue is the guest artist "On the Wall" in JULY and AUGUST at Coffee Planet, Ballston Spa. Come see her  beautiful fine art photography, capturing her visit to Ghost Ranch - Georgia O'Keeffe Country, in New Mexico. The show, "Rock and Bone," portrays the New Mexican landscape/  muse that Georgia so loved. FREE calendars in August! Date to be announced for meet and greet with Sue.



May 31, 2014 - (Saturday)  11-4 PM. Charlton Founders Day Art Show at the Little Red School House in Charlton, NY.  Charlton Artist group  display their art work. All art for sale. (11-4 PM) Sue will be displaying her Southwest Georgia O'Keeffe's Ghost Ranch landscapes!

May 31, 2014  - (Saturday)  2-4 PM.) ARTIST RECEPTION! -  Come say Hi to your favorite Charlton artists. Lots of good eats!  

June 1, 2014 - (Sunday) 11-4 pm. Charlton Founders Day Weekend Art Show at the Little Red Schoolhouse.(11-4 PM) Also - on the same grounds  - one of THEBEST   rural green markets going! (11-4 PM.) 




JANUARY 2014 - Sue continues to be the lead still photographer documenting the independent movie by Dr. Roger Wyatt, titled, "Life On the Run." DO  friend "Life On the Run" on FACEBOOK. Sue also will be submitting her fine art photography in national and international photography exhibits. Stay tuned!  




NOVEMBER 2013  - Look for the November 2013 edition of Your Hometowne. Sue was awarded the front cover, with her winning shot of the Iwo Jima Memorial, photographed in  the late afternoon. Sue placed the sun behind the flag, allowing for a glowing flag to appear. Many positive comments were recieved by the editor/publishers of Your Hometowne. It was Sue's honor to escort a local WWII veteran, Tom,  to this Memorial, last September. Tom  fought on Iwo Jima for many days, and survived. 80 % of his fellow Marines perished there. Being with Tom at this site was to walk on sacred ground. 


November 2013 - Sue's TOMBSTONE COWBOYS and WWII Code Talker portraits  will be on display at the Saratoga Library Cafe, now managed by Saratoga Breadbasket. Come see the portraits of Navajo Codetalkers! They are stunning.  



"Welcome!" to Sue Clark's fine art photography website, and, it's about time you found me! Click on any picture in the galleries,  to open and enlarge that photo. You will see I have a soft spot for American Western and equine subjects, but also capture other exceptional subjects, such as my  "Valley of the Dolls" body of work, showcasing the world of dolls and mannequins found at  county fairs, antique shops and junked on the side of a road. Somebody used to love that doll... 


View my event listing, then come say  "Hello!" to any of the listed events/artist receptions. I would love to see you.

Also, please consider signing my guest book. To do so, look over to the left,  click on Sign My Guest Book, and start writing! It is that simple. Don't forget to tell us about what YOU do, how to find your website, if you have one. If you liked a particular photo of mine in the Gallery, let me know! 

                                                                                                                           NBHA Member

Many of the Old West characters you see on this website were shot on the streets of Tombstone, Arizona. They live and breath the history of Cochise County's most famous town. And yep, they are packin' heat. Stop in to any of the historic saloons, but be prepared to hand over your weapons. At night, when Tombstone closes up, go out to the outskirts of town, look up at the twinkling stars, and listen to the wind blow. You might even catch a coyote chorus. Now that's what's called  the Spirit of the Old West. 


  For a long time, I have been acutely aware of the relationship, through the camera lens, of light, subject, and background, and the delicate dance it takes to produce a masterpiece in photography. I became intrigued by the layering that makes great composition in photography, when I became a fan of the great 1941 black and white film classic,  "How Green Was My Valley," directed by John Ford. This movie was about a Welsh mining town, the Morgan family, and the impact of the progression of the Industrial Age on their lives. Shot in black and white, every frame in that movie shows perfect composition. From foreground to background, everything worked. The use of light was particularly sublime in this classic. The cinematography in this film gem  still fascinates me, and certainly is a benchmark for what is possible in film. The movie won an Academy Award for best B/W cinematography, (courtesy of Arthur Miller,) which is indicative of how great the visuals were, and still are, to this day.  

I see, that my goal as a photographer, lucky me, is to not settle for anything less, than what inspires my passion - finding the astoundingly simple beauty that is present in life, everyday.   

I know you will enjoy my website, so go ahead and look around. Feel free to keep checking in to my events calendar, and blog.  I  promise to update it regularly, unless I am kidnapped by aliens. Then I have to do a photo series... might take a while... 

Look for our favorite  activity -  the artist "meet and greet" reception dates! Who doesn't like a free bite to eat, seeing friends, and meeting celebrities (me, among others.)  Be the FIRST on your block to say you attended an artist reception!  Remember the story of the Farmer and the Art Teacher? They are still going strong! Their first date was at  one of my artist receptions. Farmer had never been to an artist reception, and low and behold, he enjoyed himself! Other reception goers  have been straight about it, and told  me that they make artists receptions  a regular part of their feeding schedule. Smart... Still others go and purchase / add one piece of artwork, per show, to their own art collection.

So, whatever the reason, grab a group, and come to any of the artist receptions you see announced  on my website. Have a good time, and come as you are! 

My website has a "Sign My Guest Book" comment section - Scroll down the home page, and look for Sign Guest Book on the left. Click on it to add a comment. I would LOVE to hear from you!

I will be out and about with the camera...Hope that rattlesnake moves before I discover it under my foot!


Found quotes to astound, amuse and adopt.




"A GOOD SNAPSHOT STOPS A MOMENT FROM RUNNING AWAY."  Pulitzer prize winner and photographer of Depression era photographs- "One Time, One Place." - by  Eudura Alice Welty (1909-2001)

"When you take a flower in your hand, and really look at it, it's your world at the moment. I want to give that world to someone else."       Georgia O'Keeffe - Painter, Wanderer of Ghost Ranch Country - Abiquiu, New Mexico (1887-1986)


"And at the end of the day, I stopped by the side of the road pausing time, taking in  the spectacle of loneliness in all its sun setting beauty. Sounds of coyotes fill the distance between the past and now. The land made love to my heart again and again, until I began to cry, and at that moment I realized how great it was to be alive."                                "The New Day" (author unknown.)

"In the brightest of moonbeams, in the rustling of the trees, in the blooming of flowers, in the sweetest kind of dreams, her love lives on in the most beautiful places you can imagine." Grace


NORTH (red) is the way of Courage to face the future.

EAST (yellow)   is the path of Wisdom.

SOUTH (white) is a reminder to be generous.

WEST ( black) is the place of quiet respect.

Sue's Thought for the Day:  When enjoying the great outdoors, remember the Photographers Motto: If you and your friend come across a grizzly bear, you don't have to outrun the grizzly bear, you just have to outrun your friend.

"Courage is the first of human qualities because it is the quality which guarantees the others."          -  Aristotle

1/2013- "When you talk, you repeat what you already know. When you listen, you often learn something."  Jared Sparks

3/13-    "If you want something you've never had, then you've got to do something you've never done."                Author unknown

4/13-   "Sometimes, you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, and sometimes, in the middle of nowhere, you find yourself.                Author unknown

4/13-   "Not all who wander are lost."                    Author unknown

12/13 - "The holiest of holidays are those, kept by ourselves in silence and apart, the secret anniversaries of the heart."                        - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow     

1/14 - "The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before. "    Albert Einstein


Now you will feel no rain, for each of you will be the shelter for each other. Now you will feel no cold, for each of you will be the warmth for the other. Now you are two persons, but there is only one life before.

Go now to your dwelling place to enter into the days of your life together. And may your days be good and long upon the earth. Treat yourselves and each other with respect, and remind yourselves often of what brought you together.

Give the highest priority to the tenderness, gentleness and kindness that your connection deserves. When frustration, difficulty and fear assail your relationship – as they threaten all relationships at one time or another – remember to focus on what is right between you, not only the part which seems wrong. In this way, you can ride out the storms when clouds hide the face of the sun in your lives – remembering that even if you lose sight of it for a moment, the sun is still there.

And if each of you takes responsibility for the quality of your life together, it will be marked by abundance and delight.



"The Carver and the Photographer; Kindred Spirits"  Art Show - Fall - 2010 

Carver Johnny Thorpe and  Photographer Sue Clark.

 *Johnny Thorpes hand carved and stained totem poles and table tops.

* Sue Clarks American Western, Equine, and Northwest Alaskan  photography.       

*It was an honor to show my photography with Mr. Johnny Thorpes work.  


Show closed November 20th, 2010.


to all that attended. We had some very special visitors to the show, including our Native American friends the  Bruchacs, and Mohawk Educational Spokesperson Kay Olan, from The Ndakinna Education Center of Greenfield Center; Director and Founder of the Adirondack Folk School - James Mandle, Director Todd DeGarmo of the Center for Folklife, History and Cultural Programs of the Crandall Public Library, Town of Charlton Supervisor Alan Grattige, Charlton Historical Society President Deb Herrin, Charlton Town Historian Laura Linder, and many others, including close friends, and those that came just to appreciate the show. This is the first time  Johnny's extraordinary wood carving talent was showcased in a "gallery" setting. His carvings are located all over the Adirondacks, and also in the Southwest, where he  owned numerous trading posts.  His work is admired by many wood carvers. He continues to carve every summer. World renowned  Alaskan native totem carver Tommy Joseph,(Sitka, AK,) after virtually viewing Johnny's totem carvings in this show, commented  that he someday wants to come to New York to meet Johnny, and view his work personally. The town officers of Charlton came to visit the show, due in part to recently becoming aware that Johnny is a part of their town history. You see, JT was  a horse  farrier also at one time, serving many of the Adirondack Lake Luzurne dude ranches in their tourist hay day - (1950's.) He began to specialize in horses with special horseshoe needs.  This brought him to the Charlton, NY area, where he serviced many farms.  Johnny  was farrier for a period, to  a very famous Saratoga Harness Track record holder and Saratoga Hall of Fame trotter, "Victory Lind."  This record holding horse was stabled at the Corbins  Farm, in Charlton, in the 60's.  Victory Lind broke so many records, he was eventually inducted into Saratoga Harness Track  Hall of fame, in  '2002.  The Corbins could afford the very best care for their horses, and chose Johnny to shoe  Victory Lind in the 1960's.

JT never ceases to amaze me with his list of "been there, done that." He is of Sac-Fox native heritage, and creates beautiful reproductions of Indians artifacts.  He also is a wood carver of Northwest design totem poles, and has been an honored  guest at numerous pow-wows in the area. He is also a member of the elite National Trappers Hall of Fame, after putting up record breaking numbers of furs, from the  bogs of Canada,  the deserts of the Southwest, the Adirondacks, and land in between. He has written several books, and is treated as a celebrity  at  trapping conventions, with fans often seeking autographs, and a personal word with him. To hang with JT, has been an exercise in watching and listening. No one  can hold a candle to the life experiences that that man has had.  I am honored to be associated with him, and to be authentically accepted by him, as a "best friend." I also vote him the "Coolest Cat" in the Adirondacks. 



Please venture over to the events calendar, to see WHAT'S NEXT.