Member -

Saratoga Arts - Saratoga, NY


International Freelance Photographers  Organization - IFPA - Lifetime Member


Sue's photography featured in - 

2018 - 2019

Schenectady Historical Society Exhibit - "In Harms Way" to May 2019

Hurricane Irene, and the hurricanes massive destruction. Curated by Dr. Ellen McHale. Sue's Hurricane Irene photos were  chosen by Dr.  McHale, Director of the NYS Folklore Society, to represent the exhibit. Photos were enlarged to exhibition size. 


2018 Healthy Saratoga Magazine-

Editors page photo by Sue Clark selected by Managing Editor Chris Bushee.


Summer - 2016 - Dr. Daniel Way's photography book  "We were There," combining his years of medical practive  interviewing WWII veterans,  with his photography skills, creating an unforgettable book .  Sue's photos of Dr. Dan, and WWII veterans Dr. Tom Smith and Sal Famularo areincluded at Dr Dans request.  

April 2015 - "Simply Saratoga" magazine. Saratoga National Cemetery. 

  May 2015 -  Featured article  photographer - "Simply Saratoga" magazine. 

Cover Photo - "Your Hometowne" magazine.  February 2015.

RENEGADEFEMME.COM - July 2012 - Guest featured artist.

Spotlight Newspapers

"Your Hometowne" - Flood images, and article on Prattsville NY, focusing on the awe inspiring flood and destruction of Prattsville, NY. Prattsville was in the bullseye of Hurricane Irene.

2011 "HALTERS OFF" - Saratoga fundraiser for Peaceful Acres horse rescue.

Central New York Latino Magazine July 2012 - Sues article,"Modern Day Vaquero," was accepted into publication, along with Sue's photo of New Mexican rancher Ruben, titled  "The Rifleman." 


"The Rifleman"



2018: Saratoga NY- 112 Spring Street, Saratoga, NY  (Office Gallery) (Home of Saratogas PLAN and Pitney Farm offices.)

Sharon Crutes Gallery -  Saratoga Springs, NY

National Bottle Museum Gallery


Schenectady Civic Players Gallery

Coffee Planet

Saratoga Heritage Visitors Center

Saratoga Arts Gallery

Jonesville Country Store

Weslyn Senior Community Gallery

Shen Gallery

Saratoga Springs Library Gallery

Higher Grounds Cafe - Saratoga, NY

Schenectady Jewish Community Center

Stony Creek Free Library - June 29, 2016 - August 9, 2016. "Picturing Johnny Thorpe"


2016 - Brookside Museum - Sue Clark, Sharon Crute, Sharon Castro. 

Hubbard Museum of the American West - New Mexico - Fall American Competiton and Exhibition. Sue's photography was juried in for 8 years in a row, the only NY photographer to achive this accomplishment. Most other photographers lived out West! 


 Volunteer Photographer:

Pitney Meadow Farm: Saratoga, NY. Only community owned, volunteer run, non-profit status farm in Saratoga, NY! A thrilling chance to be part of a vibrant community that supports all things farm!   

Peaceful Acres Horses  Rescue and Sanctuary - Pattersonville, NY. Volunteer photographer. PEACEFULACRESHORSES.COM   Always seeking help for abused and neglected horses. Feed partners, adoption, horse buddy, and more.

Capital District Heart Gallery Volunteer photographer.  

APE - Art in the Public Eye . Non-profit. Bringing all things art to the community!

Patriot Guard events. Supporter of all things veteran related. 


Film Projects:

Movie: "Life On the Run." 

Dr. Roger Wyatts film "Life On the Run.  2012 - Ongoing.  Sue is currently photo documenting the production of this independent film, for Dr. Roger Wyatt.  (Sue is the still photographer.) 


 HORSES! Show - Brookside Museum. 2016. 


Landmark Education - personal and professional growth training and development.  Creating "What's next."

Saratoga Springs Ferrari Festival Road Rallye - Photographer - 2012




Newspaper competitons / Fairs

Metroland: Photoland Finalist:   12/22/ 11, 1/12/12. FIRST PLACE- 3/28/13!!!

Altamont Fair - Numerous Premium Blue Ribbon awards, along with several other ribbon awards.

2012 - Altamont Fair Photography Competiton - First Place Premium Blue Ribbon awarded to  Sues bluegrass print, "Cadillac Man," at the 2012  Altamont Fair.  A fourth place ribbon was awarded to Sues "Bee Condo," also.


Numerous placements in juried shows:

Saratoga Arts

Pacific Art League


Green County Council on the Arts

Hubbard Museum of the American West -  A Smithsonian affiliate