Sue's 2014 Upcoming Events!!!


JANUARY 2014 - Sue continues to be the lead still photographerdocumenting the independent movie by Dr. Roger Wyatt, titled, "Life On the Run." DO  friend "Life On the Run" on FACEBOOK. Sue also will be submitting her fine art photography in national and international photography exhibits. Stay tuned!  




NOVEMBER 2013  - Look for the November 2013 edition of Your Hometowne. Sue was awarded the front cover, with her winning shot of the Iwo Jima Memorial, photographed in  the late afternoon. Sue placed the sun behind the flag, allowing for a glowing flag to appear. Many positive comments were recieved by the editor/publishers of Your Hometowne. It was Sue's honor to escort a local WWII veteran, Tom,  to this Memorial, last September. Tom  fought on Iwo Jima for many days, and survived. 80 % of his fellow Marines perished there. Being with Tom at this site was to walk on sacred ground. 


November 2013 - Sue's TOMBSTONE COWBOYS and WWII Code Talker portraits  will be on display at the Saratoga Library Cafe, now managed by Saratoga Breadbasket. Come see the portraits of Navajo Codetalkers! They are stunning.  


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