1/27/19 - 3/9/19. Artist Space Group Show. National Bottle Museum. 76 Milton Avenue Ballston Spa, NY. Sue has three fine art photos on display in this group show. "Way Up North," Adirondack Car Show, Dummy" and "Adirondack County Fair Girl."

1/27/19 - Opening Reception for above group show. Call for times. 518-885-7589.




LOTR - The Movie! Release.


January 1-4, 2019 - Saratoga Arts All member show. Sue is exhibiting  "KISS," a portrait of a girl and her horse.  

August 2019 -   Altamont Fair Photography Competiton.




August 12, 2018  Artist Space: National Bottle Museum (2-5 PM) (Second floor) Refreshments and plenty of visitors! 50 artist artist reception. THE place to be!

August 14-20, 2018. Altamont Fair Fine Arts Barn - Sue will have  a "psychedelic" barn or two on display,  along with a "barn sign,"  and "Dancing With the Stars" fine art print, at the Altamont Fair Fine Arts Building photo competition.  Put your votes in for your favorites. This competion is pretty stiff. Always some great art / photography work in competition.

 August 22, 2018 .(Wednesday)(6-8 PM) Mansion Inn-Rock City Falls.  Route 29. Circa 1866 mansion. Artist reception, show, and sale.  www.themansionsaratoga.com.  I will be exhibiting beautiful horse prints. I am told The Mansion is a spectacular location. Food and wine provided by executive chef. Music too! Do come. The next night is a cabaret here at the 801 Supper Club!


August 30, 2018. Hadley Luzerne Library. Lecture! (Thursday - 7-8:30 PM) The  amazing Larry Bennett and sidekick Sue will be presenting a lecture at the Hadley Luzerne Library. Sue will have a short talk on her western photography subjects, and how to create  good composition. Larry Bennett will speak of his family's historical connection to the dude ranches of the Adirondacks. 

September 22, 2018. Saratoga Visitors Center . "Animal Kingdom" photography exhibit by Sue Clark.


PAST -  Summer 2018. 

July 2018 - Hadley Luzerne Library "Back At the Ranch" Western Americana photography show by artist Sue Clark.

July 21, 2018. (1-3PM) Hadley Lazerne Library - Sue's artist reception for her photography show -  "Back at the Ranch," AND artist meet and greet. Refreshments served!  Also - Book sale, reenactors from Grants Cottage, and perhaps historic photos and reps from the historic  local dude ranch scene of the Adirondacks! 

Summer  2018 - "In Harm's Way."   Curated show  telling the destructive story of Hurricane Irene. Exhibit Photography contributed by  Sue Clark. Schenectady Historical Society  - Mabee Farm.  Curated by Dr. Ellen McHale - Director of the NYS Folklore Society. FREE!



August 14-19, 2018:  Altamont Fair Photography Competiton. Fine Arts Building. TUESDAY - SUNDAY.

September, 2018.   "Animal Kingdom" photo exhibit by Sue, at the Saratoga Visitors Center Gallery.  297 Broadway, Saratoga, NY. 

October - 2018: FREE. 112 Spring Street, Saratoga NY -  Office Gallery. Pitney Farm Color Block Solo Art Show - Sue Clark - Artist. Artist reception TBA.

December 1, 2018: Free. Saratoga Arts All Member Art Show and Potluck Artist Reception. THE place to be seen!  6-8 PM. 320 Broadway, Saratoga. SATURDAY.

ONGOING photography exhibit  to September 2018

"In Harm's Way" : Hurricane Irene and the Survivors of Rotterdam Junction.  

 Mabee Farm  - 1100 Main Street, Rotterdam Junction, NY -A curated exhibit by Dr. Ellen McHale, Director of the NYS Folklore Society, telling the story of the Hurricane Irene survivors of Rotterdam Junction and other areas in NYS hit by the massive storm.  Dr. McHale chose 10 of Sue's photos to exhibit in the Hurricane Irene show. WOOT! WOOT!     Show continues through September 2018. Special events  TBA.




April 6, 2018  5-8 PM - Artist Reception. Opening of group art show including Sue Clarks photography.  Held at The Makeup Curio. 510 State Street Schenectady, NY. Owner Jenn Dugan hosting.

February 24, 2018: 24 APE FEST: (Art In the Public Eye) - Volunteer photographer. Supporting friend/writer Tracy Paige and ALL at the Ape Fest! 












October 1- 30, 2017

"Doll Face"  photography show - Sue Clark - solo art show.

As a member of Saratoga Arts, Sue will be exhibiting part of her extraordinary "Doll Face" fine arts photography collection in the Gallery Hallway at Saratoga Springs Library, 49 Henry Street, Saratoga Sorings, NY.  Through her photography, Sue showcases the extraordinary art that makes a beautiful doll face.  Sadly, doll artists have often gone unrecognized,  for the sake of the doll industry.  Sue asks you to look through the lens of beauty, and color, when viewing the show, discarding your prior notions about doll faces. As a bonus to your library visit,  Saratoga Friends Book Shop is located in the library, and  is full of good quality used books.   You can view Sue's photography show, and then stock up on some good, used books for this Winter!  Saratoga Springs  Library Hours, The Library Coffee Shop, and the Saratoga Friends Book Shop hours can be found on Facebook, or calling 518-584-7860.    

NOVEMBER 4, 2017

"Beautiful Spaces/ Friendly Faces  Art Show #1 -

Hosted by Kiran Bora  and artist photographer Sue Clark at Farmers Insurance Business Suite,  9 Hampstead Place  Suite 106. Saratoga Springs (2-4 PM)

Kiran and I are welcoming all veterans, firefighters, police officers, and First Responders to Kiran's Farmers Insurance Suite #106,  to have a bite to eat, be thanked for their services, and to view Sue Clarks veteran photography, including her beautiful Navajo Code Talker portraits. Families are welcomed.  Cider, donuts, wine and cheese. 





December 2017 -

12/2/17: Saturday Evening (6-8 PM) Our favorite Saratoga Arts All Member Art Show and Potluck Artist Reception! 

 320 Broadway Saratoga.  (6-8 PM.)  

First Saturday in December. Sue's friends usually meet around 3 for a bite to eat / drinks at Saratoga's Holiday Inn. All members are allowed only one art selection to exhibit in the show.  Stay tuned! 






  7/9/16 - 8/16. "Picturing Johnny Thorpe" Show opening.  Stony Creek Free Library. Sue Clark and Friends will be honoring Johnny Thorpes memory. Eclectic photography show designed by friend, and personal photographer, Sue Clark.  THIS SHOW IS GONNA KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF. Honoring all things JT.  

7/9/16 - Stony Creek Free Library -"Picturing Johnny Thorpe" ARTIST  RECEPTION!!! w/ Sue Clark -New opening reception date!!! July 9, 2016.  (4:30 - 7:30 PM.) Bring a plate to share / bottle of wine. Raffling off a B/W, Sue Clark signed portrait of Johnny Thorpe, to raise money for the library.  Food, music and all things JT!  - (Dot at Stony Creek Inn welcomes Johnny Thorpe friends,  from 3-4 :30 PM,  at the Inn. We will then move to the library.) 

7/1/2016 - 9/2/16.  Brookside Museum - Ballston Spa. "HORSES" Art Show and Sale.  Powerhouse equine artists   Sharon Crute - painter,  Sharon Castro -  photographer,  Connie Bush,  photographer,  and Sue Clark - photographer, all under one roof.  Isabella mother/daughter decorated horse shoes.  

7/29/16 -  (6-8 PM.) "HORSES!" Artist Reception. Refreshments. Come meet the powerhouse team of equine artists at the 2016  "HORSES!" Art Show and Sale, July 29, 2016, from 6-8 PM.  Pick up a new equine original or print for your home that just explodes off the wall! Many styles available. Your friends will be envious! Come to  Ballston Spa's Brookside Museum, 100 Charlton Street , Ballston Spa.  885-4000. www.brooksidemuseum.org  

Cowboy Poet Mark Munzert will be entertaining.  Art Voice artist Tina Rodriguez will be offering face - painting  for the kids on the porch of the Museum! One decorated Isabella Horseshoe will be given away at the reception! Show sponsored by Carousel Equestrian Boutique of Glenville. 



December / January 2016

1/1/2016  - Saratoga Arts - You have until January 1, 2016, to see "Johnny Thorpe's Hands,"  a photo by Sue, of Johnny's hands while he is carving, fingers full of silver rings, bracelets a plenty, in full color... a beautiful fine arts photo! Many other  members art work is also on display at Saratoga Arts on Broadway in Saratoga! The gallery is open late on New Years Eve! 






October / November 2015

October / November

Sue has another exciting solo photography show at 39 Front Street Deli, Ballston Spa, honoring veterans  with her gorgeous portraits of WWII Navajo Code Talkers. Also on display are  many TOMBSTONE characters Sue met on her trips out West. Front Street Deli supports artists, and is a warm and inviting, so let's support them! Not your average deli atmosphere! Plenty of seating space, and a BIG menu. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Open 7 days a week, 8 AM - 8 PM. Plus while chowing down,  you get to view Sue Clark's latest photography show. Guarenteed not to disappoint!  "LIKE"  Front Street Deli on FACEBOOK. Daily specials posted! Show will be exhibited  for two months - October and November. Sue says GO SEE!

Front Street Deli Hours -

Monday - Saturday.  7 AM to 9 PM.

Sundays 8 AM - 8 PM.




August and September 2015-

August - September, 2015 - "COWBOY" solo photography show by Sue Clark. Ballston Spa's Coffee Planet. "Friend" Coffee Planet to see hours of operation etc. Free"COWBOY" print giveaway in October!!!  How?  You MUST post a creative comment to Sue's "Guest Book," on her website. You MUST include  your contact info in order to be in the running! Most creative/inspirational post/ing   in Sue's website Guest Bookwill be selected!  Winner notified in October.   


August - September 4th, 2015 - Saratoga Arts -  "10 x 10 = 100" show. Sue's NEW "Bad Dog" series, a  three  black and whites of a little cutie dog that has some "bad" behaviors and wears the popular "I did it / shame signs" for the world to see,   are on display and for sale. Too cute! 


 August 11 - 16, 2015 -Altamont Fair. GO find the Fine Arts Barn at the Fair. Fine Arts Barn is located up by the Fiar's Karaoke  Building. ( The Fine Arts Barn is NOT the 4-H Craft barn.) Sue will have 2 of her new"Electric Horses" Series on display. A third print will be  from Sue's  "Bad Dog" Series. The forth selection will be "Dr. Toms Flag of Iwo Jima." There is a public vote for favorite photography! Go have fun and then vote! Support your local fair!  Superb photography  is on display.  I have always been pleased with the Altamont Fairs Photography competition. The exhibit is juried and ribbons and cash prizes given out. 



 8/12/15   Sue screwed up. Major brain fart. She delivered her Altamont Fair entries a day late! Oh well. One door closes. Another opens. We will still go up and enjoy the fair food, look for my freebies, shoot air rifles at the 4-H booth where I am a dead aim, and go vote on our favorite photography!!! 














May 30, 2015 - (Saturday) Charlton Artists Art Reception at "The Little Red Schoolhouse" in Charlton, NY. (11-3 pm.) 

May / June - Sue's photography will be featured in "Simply Saratoga" magazines article on local general stores. "Simply Saratoga" magazine can be found at Price Choppers in the county, and Saratoga Library, among other drop-off points. 

JULY / AUGUST 2015 - Sue has been invited once again to be the "Artist on the Wall" during track season, at Coffee Planet, in Ballston Spa. I am thinking of bringing out the hard-care TOMBSTONE COWBOY portraits for the summer run! and a few skulls. 

AUGUST 2015 - Altamont Fair Tri- county fine arts competion. Sue will enter 4 selections. Go up and vote on your fav photographs during the Altamont Fair!! I LOVE the Altamont Fair!

SUMMER 2015 - Always a pleasure, Sue will be following the Navajo Horse Blessing Ceremony schedule again as a volunteer photographer. 


February 27-March 1, 2015 -  Saratoga "Home and Lifestyle Show." Sue was one of a few artist whose artwork was chosen to represent the first annual art auction at the Home and Lifestyle show for charity, IN Saratoga, NY. Sue's black and white prints "Arizona Houdini," and "Horse Whisperer," will be auctioned off Saturday, Feb. 28th , 2015, to help raise money for Saratoga Rotary's Charity Fund.  Only 20 pieces were chosen by guest jurist and gallery owner Eric Laffer. 

January / February - 2015

  Schenectady Historical Society's Mabee Farms Historic site in Rotterdam Junction  juried art show -  "Where Do You Come From?" All three selections that Sue submitted were accepted for display.

1) "Happy 80th Birthday, Marie, and the Fabric of her Life," a birthday celebration of a local friend and her life,  

 2)"WWII Marines - Local Heroes," - a spotlight on two dear WWII veterans that live locally, Dr. Tom Smith an dhis dear friend Sal.

3) "Dancing With the Stars" Sue's  fine arts submission celebrating  our areas rich First Nations history. 

Show ends February 28, 2015. 

Stay tunes for more events TBA!!! by Sue.

 Saturday (11-4 PM) Charlton Founders Day Weekend Art Show in the Little Red School House! Come see Sue and other Charlton artists.  Artist Reception at 2 PM. All are invited. Bring a dish to share!  All art is for sale. Sue will have on display, for the first time, at The Little Red School house, her New Mexican landscapes, shot at Georgia O'Keeffe's Ghost Ranch.  

JUNE 1, 2014  - Sunday (11-4 PM) Charlton Founders Day Weekend Art Show in the Little Red School House.  Farmers Market - 11-4 PM also! Plant sale.  Parade at 2 PM. 




 Sue's   fine art print, "Tiny Dancer," a black and white print  of an old Alaskan storefront, with a picture of Marilyn Monroe that was found stuck in the old window,  is coming down tomorrow from the Saratoga Arts Show. Another great show, with many great artists! I do wish I could have met the person responsible for that small  Alaskan tribute to Marilyn. I'm sure there is an interesting story there! Speaking of old movie stars, I just had a conversation with a bed and breakfast owner from Schoharie, that told me Lana Turner stayed in his home in the past. He said he has a large portrait of her over the fireplace. That is something I must go see...


 continue on as still photographer with LOTR - THE FILM. 

Also planning on entering the Regional Art Competition, and will be spending a weekend learning with the Rocky Mountain School of Photography.

Upcoming exhibits will be announced.  

















































































































































































































































































































*September 2011 -    TBA

*OCTOBER  - December 1, 2011

    *The Jonesville Store - Clifton Park.

First floor Gourmet Deli; Breakfast , lunch , dinner.

Cafe Jonesville - Live music - reservations. Friday and Saturday Evenings

 Second Floor - Art Gallery 



*Saratoga Arts "Winter Solstice" all Member Show. 320 Broadway, Saratoga.


Artists Reception!!! Where the stars of the art world meet! Our favorite! Dinner after!!!




May 1 - May 30

"Tombstone" - Solo photography show - Shenendehowa Adult Community Center .  See Shenendehowa Center  website for hours that center is  open.  www.shenacc.org  (Sue took an honorable mention honors  at this show for a portrait of Johnny. Thorpe. 

 June 5 - 6

Charlton Artists!!! Charlton Schoolhouse / Founders Day Weekend Art Exhibit at the Charlton School House Saturday 12 - 5 PM and Sunday 11 - 5 PM. Artists reception is Saturday 6/5 from 12 - 2 PM.  Sue will be displaying  3 enlarged prints showcasing veterans or symbols of  our country, to honor all veterans.


June 1 - 30

"Tombstone" -  Solo photography show - new prints added! Willows Bistro is at 3749 Main Street, Warrensburg, across from Stewarts.  Willows Bistro is a hip Wi Fi  Bistro  in downtown  Warrensburg, serving soups,  wraps , sandwiches, poetry nights and more.Art shows change out every month. See web-site for hours and artist reception date.  Come up during the Americaid and enjoy the sights!    www.willowsbistro.com 


July 1 - 31

Hadley Luzerne Public Library - "Tombstone and the Wild, Wild West." solo show. 


August 17-22 

Tri-county Altamont Fair - Fine Arts Barn.(Behind the food lane.) Sue will have 5 photography  selections  on display in the Fine Arts and Flowers Building at the Fair. (4 film, color and 1 digital, color.) Sue has been awarded First Place blue ribbons, two years in a row, for her photography. Go to altamontfair.com  for hours etc .   

September - October 2010


National Bottle Museum -Ballston Spa. Two month joint show with artists Sue Clark and  Johnny Thorpe works. During the artist reception , Johnny will be demonstrating/displaying his  his Northwest carving style totem poles. He also carves  animals and will have Indian artifacts on display. He is of  Sac Fox heritage and is a National Hall of Fame trapper, currently residing in the Adirondacks.    Through her fine art  photography images, Sue will exhibit  the spirit of Southwest, and sacred spaces of the Sitka  National Historical Totem Pole Park. New prints added!   www.nationalbottlemuseum.org   Click on art gallery for hours and directions for Artist Space exhibitions. Artist reception date September 12th.


OCTOBER - Ballston Lake Library, solo photography show "DOUBLE-TAKE!"

Doll faces, mannequins, toothsome bears, crawling bees,  Tombstone funeral hearse. 

What you think you see, may not be. 

October - Southern Saratoga Arts Council  " Fall Jewels " juried art show,

Shenendahowa Adult Community Center; " King of Siam" print  (New!)


November - SEFCO -  Clifton Park  Solo show


DecemberSaratoga Arts "Winter Solstice" show. December 1 - January 2, 2011.  Artist reception: Saturday, December 4th, 6-8 PM. Food, drink.  All member show. Each Saratoga Arts member contributes  1 art selection in the show.