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Past crisis with my "Doll Face / Valley of the Dolls" Photography Show

Once again I will be exhibiting my "Doll Face / Valley of the Dolls" doll face portrait  photography collection, this time at the Saratoga Springs Hallway Gallery October 2017.

I was completely surprised and deeply disturbed when hanging my Doll Face / Valley of the Dolls" photography show a few years ago, when the  owner of that space stated she didn't think I could continue hanging my "Doll Face " photography show,  as "she didn't think it was the type of theme  they wanted  for their  gallery space." I was forced to halt my hanging of the show when this person then said "she wouldn't stop me but, I might have to take my show down  in a few days."  Mind you I had only hung two of my professionally framed doll face photos up! I was stunned,  and then very angry. I don't like attacks that  come out of nowhere,  and make me wrong. I also  could not even begin to understand what she was seeing that she felt was not "appropriate" for her gallery.  This is my art. I have  taken the time, and  expense, to professionally frame my "Doll Face / Valley of the Dolls"  collection,  and I was chosen as a member of Saratoga Arts to hang my work in that gallery space.  I should have had no interference, let alone someone injecting their personal opinion of my art,  who claims to want an art gallery in their space.  I reminded this person of the gallery art selection process, and that I was chosen to hang my work there.  I then called the Saratoga Arts exhibition coordinator,  who I believe gracefully straightened this person out as to my right to hang my art there. Mind you, my "Doll Face / Valley of the Dolls" collection is family friendly.  Are some of the photos gloomy? Certainly! I found a trash pile, with two "lost dolls" left out in the rain,  and  took their portraits. Not all dolls end up in loving arms. And some of those blue eyed dolls have really piercing blue eyes. One of the dolls I have titled l the "C.S.I. Doll." She is very intense looking, and people just love looking at her. I get that people can view doll photography with the same lens as what they have seen in horror movies etc.  I ask that you view my show, the  "Doll Face / Valley of the Dolls," this October 2017, at the Saratoga Springs Public Library Hall Gallery,  through the lens of extraordinary artistry,  beauty, explosive color,  and context within the composition. Also remember that all these dolls were created by artists in their own right who strived to make their doll designs at times as realistic as possible.  Most doll artists went unrecognized.  If your reaction to any particular doll portrait of mine is all about your being reminded of a bad doll featured in a film, I get it. Nothing wrong there.  That's not what I am pointing to. As an artist with a unique eye, I often shoot subjects  that are " outside of the box"  for unique shots. Allow me to be an artist, and Enjoy the show! Oh...  and the Saratoga Public Library  has a used book shop, (stock up for Winter!) and a coffee shop too! Enjoy the show! 

"Doll Face / Valley of the Dolls" Photography Show at Saratoga Springs Library - October 2- October 30, 2017.  Free Event!    

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