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Another photography workshop for Sue! 

Cornell held their annual Horse Symposium today. I was able to attend a workshop on Equine Photography, and one on Websites and Social Media. Dr. Beth Moeller took on the subject of social media, and suggested a number of  steps one can take, to be seen and heard, through social media outlets. Stay tuned!

Today , surrounded by horsewomen,  I continued to be amazed  at the strength and beauty of the female horse owner. They walk and talk like they can handle anything, and they do.  You go girls!

Oh and support your local county fair, and 4-H!


Sows Ear "Reborn! " Art Show opens Friday, March 11th. Sue will not be at the first reception, but will be at the 2nd reception - Friday April 15th, 2011. 5-8PM - Part of Downtown Arts Night Celebration!!! Come say Hi!!!


Beekman Street - Saratoga

I visited my favorite galleries on Beekman Street in Saratoga  today. What amazing artwork!  At Mimosa Gallery, Gary Larsen (photography,) and Anne Larsen (painting,) had work on display. Many other artists were represented, with unusual and clever styles. Most were on sale, with partial contributions to  a fundraiser for Boys and Girls Clubs. Love it!!! I also visited 70 Beekman Street Gallery, where the graceful owner Mary, always greets with a smile, and conversation to please. Her gallery specializes in Oriental art, along with regional artists. She and her husband are trained opera singers, and are beautiful singers and gracious hosts. They know how to entertain. They have a piano right on the floor of their gallery. Beekman Street Studios was lively, with the artists themselves  in many conversations. They have a good time together!


Sow's Ear Studio and Gallery March / April Show and the "KING OF SIAM"

The print "King of Siam" will make its debut in an upcoming juried art show, hosted by the Sows Ear Studio and Gallery, March 18th, - April 28th, 2011.  King  needs to be seen personally, to appreciate the detail and color... but I will tell the short story of this print.  This Siamese cat  lives on Farmer Emils farm, which is right behind the Palatine Bridge Church, West on Rte 5.  Emil lets me photograph all over the farm , now that he has gotten used to me. (or visa - versa.)  Anyway, I walked out of his  barn, and this beauty just sat still and stared at me from his comfortable position - a little King on the farm! I think  Emil would be proud.  Can't wait for the buffalo to start roaming  on the farm Emil, OK??? I need BUFFALO shots... How cool would that be???


2/4/11 - Opening reception for Pacific Art League show "Works on / of Paper.

Tomorrow night, 2/4/11,  is the opening reception of the Pacific Art League juried show "Works on / of Paper."

Can't wait to hear from sister how it went! The Pacific Art League, is showcasing a  guitar player in the main gallery,  where  the show "Works on / of Paper" is exhibited, including my equine print, "Horse Whisperer. " They are also having the reception catered!   The very cool seaside  town where Pacific Art League Gallery is located in, is,  Palo Alto, California - home of Stanford University.