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1/12/11 - "Horse Whisperer" is accepted into juried show, at Pacific Art League Gallery in California! 

I was notified of the juried acceptance today -1/12/11!  The show will be at  the Pacific Art League  Gallery, of Palo Alto, California. The juror is Elizabeth Mitchell Burton  DeeDee  McMurty; Curator of Prints, Drawings and Photographs, at the Cantor Center for the Visual Arts, Stanford University. The Pacific Art Gallery  Director told me that  40 pieces of artwork,  (which includes sculpture, paintings, drawings  and other forms of art  / paper,)  from a pool of  over 200 artists entries, had been selected, to form this juried show. 

This is the first time I have entered my work into a  Pacific Art League juried show, so am quite pleased to have had "HORSE WHISPERER" selected for this California show. The  Pacific Art League has over 400 members, and this  shows  juried call for entry was  opened up to include members, non- members,  and all artists in the USA!!!

"Horse Whisperer" continues to draw in fans!!!

"Horse Whisperer's" companion print is "Arizona Houdini," which also  showcases an equine subject. Both prints have horses that belonged to the same ranch / stable. Both equine prints have been juried into other shows and have won awards.  


New Years Day 2011 Rock, Rattle and Drum New Years Pow-Wow at the Crowne Plaza in Albany; WOW! 

I took the Canon down, and attended the family friendly Healing Winds  Rock, Rattle and Drum New Years Eve Weekend Pow-Wow Celebration, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, in Albany.  I have to say, I was very impressed with the whole event, from the dancing, to the  drumming, arts and crafts,  quality of turquoise and silver jewelry, (some heavier silver and turquoise belts went for a few thousand dollars,) handmade beaded items,  drums, purses etc. All the vendors were top-notch - many award winning. I walked out with John Martinez War Ponies burned wood etchings. The War Ponies are all different colors, and quite beautiful. I thought buying art was  great way to start the New Year, and am very  pleased with these additions. The other great way I started the New Years, was to go see "Unstoppable," the story of a unmanned runaway train. Doesn't sound exciting... but let me tell you- I have always respected railroad, but the story of what two extraordinary railroad employees did, after disaster struck, (one guy 3 weeks away from final day forced retirement,) plus how the Director shot the movie, made this one of the best movies I have ever seen. Left me hanging off my seat - imagine that -  for almost  the whole movie! A railroad movie! Denzel Washington was terrific as was his co star.  Loved it!

Keep checking into my website. I have added  new 2011 and 2012 solo show dates in my Upcoming Shows column,  and intend on taking some new actions, designed to create breakthroughs in my photography style. I am an artist at heart, and spend mucho time studying the colors and compositional skills of the  old Masters of Southwest painting, in Magazines such as SOUTHWEST ART, among others.  I am so inspired by beautiful, timeless art, and am often left in awe of many of these artists, and their ability to translate the world in a brush stroke.   I can't get over how paint can be brought together to create such beauty! I will continue to to be inspired by the world around me and bring it back to you.

Grace, Beauty, Spirit and Love - Blessings are all around us. 

"She believed she could, so she did."    S. Berry


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Feel free to comment about my  photography, or what you like about this website, by clicking on sign my guest book (to the right.) Love to hear from you!  Merry Christmas to all of you!


Sues Christmas card 2010 

Wish I could send all of you my Christmas card! It features my award winning "Horse Whisperer"  print. 

I have had fun producing my Christmas cards for a few years now. I also recently produced a wedding book - 40 pages and lots of stunning photography, thank-you very much for M and M! there was so much to see and do,  and no problem finding subject matter in San Francisco! 

What's next for 2011?  - learning new technology,  and giving up being a dinosaur. Yes the learning curve is steep and at times frustrating,  but many have been willing to be a guide for me, which I totally appreciate. In 2011, I will learn more production control. Also I LOVE HD photography. Also - trip - Visiting Narrie in NM, along with all the other artists, in the small dusty town of Galesteo, along with  my tequila swilling ranch group, on the border of the Apache Reservation, in the mountains of Ruidoso.


Photographers Forum Magazine "Best of Photography 2010"

My "Horse Whisperer,"  was selected as a finalist, to be printed in the Photographers Forum Magazine "Best of Photography 2010 book. The book will soon be on sale at Borders and other book stores.