NEW FOR 2019 




So much happening the summer of 2018!!!

So... here is the short list:

Exhibiting my fine art prints this summer and Fall 2018 at: 

National Bottle Museum. August.  

Mansion Inn  - 1st Time. August. Horses.  

Hadley Luzerne Library. August. Western Photography.

Saratoga Visitors Center - September. Sue's "Animal Kingdom."


And I thought I would not do so many exhibits. Ya right. Ya gotta keep plugging along! 




APRIL 2018 : Hardwood Museum of Taos, New Mexico

I had a chance to visit many of the world class museums of Taos, New Mexico, while on a photography training a few years back. I very much enjoyed the town. I was lucky enough to meet up with the Blair family, whose history goes way back in Taos, to the days of catering for the cast and crew in a film called "Easy Rider." Ken Blair had a few stories about Dennis Hopper, and was sworn to secrecy an some stories! I enjoyed the tour I was given from Kenny.   The museums had  gorgeous exhibits,  expecially at  the Harwood. Currently,  (2018,) the Harwood is spotlighting women artists. Good for them! They have also created  "Women in the Arts Selfie Project"  in which I have submitted several. Friend Harwood Museum, and check out the selfies! Too much fun! 



Met a new partner in the art world!

Jenn Dugan, a makeup artist and artist in her own right, opened her own shop, the Make-Up Curio, in downstown Schenectady, in October 2017. She specializes in all things makeup and theater,  and has been hired by many theaters to complete their characters look. She has now  opened her shop to host local artists work. That's very refreshing, as there are too few places willing to host art exhibits. Either they want an outrageous 50% of your sale price, or, they just don't exist in Schenectady.  Thank-you Jenn Dugan! See you guys at her first group  artist reception,  on Friday night, April 6th, at her shop in downtown Schenectady, 510 State Street.  The Makeup Curio.  


As for below... I say ALL YEAR ROUND!!!


April 6,2018. 5-8 PM. Artist reception - group art show. Sue and 3 other artists! 

Please join me Friday April 6, from 5-8 PM, for the opening of Jenn Dugans first art show, at her location at The Makeup Curio, 510 State Street, Schenectady NY. Jenn wants to support local artists, which I see a great need for ... Art space to show art , without high entry fees etc! Jenn has a Bach Degree in Fashion Design from Marist College, and extensive experience in theater / makeup / costume design. She would be perfect for any event you have that needs a makeup artist, including weddings, the holidays, and more!  I will be bringing 4 of my Southwest work. Three other artists works  will be on display. This particular show will be up for the month of April. Do come!


APE Fest Done! Had a blast as a guest photographer for APE this amazing weekend! 

Hurray friend Tracy Paige for saying YES! and pulling off her play! and to all the rest of the cast and crew of APE FEST 2018!