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Sue Screwed up! No photography at Altamont Fair this year.

I suffered from major brain fart, and delivered my work to the Altamont Fair a day late. Oh well... like my sister said, and I was also thinking... this goof up can be turned into a window of opportunity. I will look over Saratoga businesses to see if any would like to hang the "ELECTRIC HORSE" series. If you know of anyone with free wall space that would like to display them, GREAT! Message me on this website! We will still go to get my free goodies, shoot at the 4-H booth,  eat fair food, and vote for our fav photography!!! 


August is THE #1 busy time for / Sue Clark's photography shows!

Why is it a busy time???  I dunno , maybe...

1) AUGUST 11- 16, 2015  - ALTAMONT FAIR. Sue will have 4 photography fine art prints on exhibit /  in competitIon in the Altamont Fairs Fine Arts Barn - 

* One 10 x 10 small black and white photo from her "BAD DOG " series. 

* Two  prints on canvas fron Sue's brand new "Electric Horse" Series will make their debut at the fair. They are 16 x 20 on canvas. You can't miss them! 

* One print  - "Dr. Toms Iwo Jima Flag." 



2) AUGUST  4 - September  26, 2015.  - SARATOGA ARTS "10 X 10 = 100" Summer Show. Sue has three black and white 10 x 10 prints, of a cute little dog that has been doing bad things, and wears the signs to prove it! 


3) August - September 27, 2015  - Ballston Spa's Coffee Planet is hosting Sue's "COWBOY" show August and September.  Go get a bite to eat, and check out Sue's exciting show at Coffee Planet! FREE COWBOY print to be given away to chosen winner of most creative / inspirational posting on Sue's WEBSITE. You MUST leave your  contact info in order to be in the running. Winner will be notified in October. 



What's NEXT for Sue? The world is full of opportunities! 




DUCK POND FARMS welcomes Sues photography for sale!

JUNE 2015 - DUCKPOND FARMS, corner of Route 20 and 158, Altamont, NY and owner Tim, a fellow photographer, welcomes Sue's photography for sale and on display at DUCKPOND! The first piece up is the beloved Siamese cat portrait, "KING of SIAM." Tim has great ice cream homemmade sandwiches and deserts. 557-2333. You can find DUCKPOND FARMS on FACEBOOK! Thanks TIM!!!


A new opportunity with Editor Chris Vallone Bushee and "Simply Saratoga" magazine!!!

"Simply Saratoga" magazine editor Chris Vallone  Bushee has tapped me to be the photographer on an upcoming story on local general stores. We are covering Lakeside, Focastle, Charlton and  Route 67. This article is rumored to be found in the May /June edition of the award winning high gloss magazine, "Simply Saratga." Complimentary copies can be found  in Saratoga County Price Choppers and Saratoga Library. Look for yours comes mid / end of May! or, you can find it on-line, and  view, page by page,  the whole magazine from your computer! How COOL is that?

The current SPRING 2015 edition has a photo one of the  Saratoga  fountains on the front cover. In this  edition, Chris chose a photo of mine showcasing a sublime moment at the Saratoga National Cemetary for "Simply Saratoga's"  debut  seasonal photography spread called "LIFE in Saratoga," showcasing local photographers artistic view through the lens.  The feature starts on page 110 of  the complimentary SPRING edition of "Simply Saratoga," available right now! -  April 2015.  Again, you can view the magazine on-line.



Support Mark Eagleheart - Taos, NM. Singer.

By My Own Light by Mark Eagleheart

By My Own Light by Mark Eagleheart
By My Own Light by Mark EagleheartBy My Own Light by Mark EagleheartBy My Own Light by Mark Eagleheart
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Markus Eagleheart: By My Own Light
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Mark Eagleheart waited over 50 years to find his singing voice. Enthusiasm stunted by harsh paternal criticism of his voice as a young man, Mark’s love of music flourished on the dance floor and honky tonks as he strayed from his Oklahoma Choctaw roots and knocked about Texas and the Rocky Mountain west working as a fine arts painter, graphic designer, illustrator, skilled carpenter, mechanic, firefighter and bouncer. He taught himself to play guitar and began singing in jam sessions with friends and in love songs to sweethearts. A large man with an easy smile and lively sense of humor, Mark’s long hair, Choctaw features and near zero tolerance for being treated poorly kept him to rambling though the west until he landed in Taos, where, in the atmosphere of its famed tolerance of diversity and near-subversive incubation of skill and talent, he found a place he could belong.

The genesis of Mark’s debut CD, By My Own Light, was sparked by the encouragement of Don Richmond, of Howlin’ Dog Recording Studio in Alamosa, after Mark recorded a demo track in between backing up Burton Jespersen on 12-string guitar during initial recording sessions of Burton’s Any Road CD. The title, By My Own Light, comes from a line in Kevin Welch’s song Annalese … “no one sees ‘cept by his own light,” Mark’s favorite song on the CD. In his low, resonant voice, phrasing and vocal style, his love for his daughter Annalese shines through the pain of their sometimes troubled relationship. And so it goes with the other songs included in By My Own Light; the album chronicles Mark’s experience, or more perhaps more correctly, his heart’s experience in life which led him to record this music in Taos today. Part of that experience is good humor and devilment, which is more than adequately represented by the CD’s only self-composed song (co-written with Curtis Brown and Rich Weatherbee), Your Ol’ Lady (Don’t Like My Ol’ Lady), and performed as a duet with Curtis Brown, in which two good ol’ boys commiserate over the misfortune of having their respective wives’ discord unplug all the fun they used to have together.

Mark’s interpretation of the Mary Gauthier and Blake Shelton song I Drink was inspired by memories of loneliness pain and despair along the way; Chuck Cannon’s Gos Shaped Hole and Kevin Welch’s Feast of Bread and Water the recall the pain of love that couldn’t be returned but love songs like Kris Kristofferson’s Lovin Her Was Easier and Lovin’ Arms, Hayes Carl’s Take Me Away, an Steve and Patrick Garry’s Hungry for You hint that Mark’s journey was neither always lonely nor without reward.


Songs featured on this album

A Fine Automobile
Andaman Sea
Your Ol Lady
God Shaped Hole
Take Me Away
I Drink
Hungry For You
Loving Her Was Easier
A Soft Place To Fall
Feast Of Bread And Water
Loving Arms