2018 - 2019 West Charlton Fire Department calendar!!!

Sue has been invited by super fundraiser and new member Lynette Metz, to turn her camera on the firefighters of the West Charlton Fire Department. Lynette will be creating a calendar out of Sues portraits of the men women and families of this couragous little fire department, with a big heart, to raise money for their cause. The dudes will NOT be in the buff, and they will be looking good!  


2018 - APRIL 6: Group Art Show at The MakeUp Curio - Downtown Schenectady

Please join me Friday April 6, from 5-8 PM, for the opening of Jenn Dugans first art show, at her location at The Makeup Curio, 510 State Street, Schenectady NY. Jenn wants to support local artists, which I see a great need for ... Art space to show art , without high entry fees etc! Jenn has a Bach Degree in Fashion Design from Marist College, and extensive experience in theater / makeup / costume design. She would be perfect for any event you have that needs a makeup artist, including weddings, the holidays, and more!  I will be bringing 4 of my Southwest work. Three other artists works  will be on display. This particular show will be up for the month of April. Do come!


2018 Begins with a HUGE SURPRISE for Sue Clark and Tracy Paige!


They say if you do the same thing, you get the same results.

Shooting for something different, I found a "Call for Writers" for the non-profit Art In Public Places, or APE, in Glens Falls, NY. APE's  goal is to benefit the community buy inviting community members to participate in the many productions APE sponsors. APE was calling for writers to submit a sampling of their writing, for a 24 hour playfest, due in a few days!!! That seemed to me  blazingly quick, from the first submission example, to final production!!! My mind started whirring. With friend Tracy Paige in mind, (she has the dream of becoming a writer)  I quickly wrote up a story, "The Coveted," around themes Tracy and I were very familiar with... car shows, car show characters, coveted cars and more!  I then  sent it to Tracy,  to turn into a play. She added her Golden Writer Touch, turning it into a Sociology experiment,  and sent it back to me. Once we molded the play to our liking, Tracy hit the SUBMIT button to APE,  and we were off and  running!!! APE's  job was then to review all the writer  submissions, and pick the 10 best writers, in about two days. 

Well, HUGE SURPRISE!!!   APE liked our writing ability!!! We were picked!!!

Since Tracy is the writer in this group, I stepped back to be an "on the scene" photographer Feb 24. So...on the evening of February 23, Tracy and 9 other writers will be given a play theme,  meet their assigned  Director, and tiny cast.  Then all will disperse.  Tracy will then have about 8 hours... to 5 AM, Feb 24, to write a 10 minute play. 9 other teams will be given  the same theme, and instructions.  The morning of the 24, the cast, writer,  and director, and  each of the ten groups, will rehearse the play all day  in different parts of Glens Falls. They then must have each of the 10 plays polished, and  ready for performance, by 8 PM Saturday Night, February 24,  2018. ALL 10 teams will perform their version of the same theme.  Tracy is overjoyed with this opportunity, and we can't wait to see this blazingly quick production. Good Luck Tracy!   




"Save the date for the ultimate play fest, Art in the Public Eye style. 10 teams of one writer, one director and 3 or 4 actors are randomly selected and meet for the first time on Friday night 2/24. A theme is announced and each team has one hour to meet before dispersing for the night. Writers set to work writing a 10 minute play which is complete by 5 AM the next morning. Directors and writers rehearse all day for an 8 PM performance on 2/24! Plus – audience votes decide the best play, actor and actress. And yes, extra votes can be purchased for $1!"


Altamont Fair opening August 15, 2017!

Don't forget to go up and visit the Fine Arts Barn at Altamont Fair, starting Tuesday, August 15, 2017 - Sunday, August 20, 2017.  I will have 4 fine art selections on display,  and in competition. Look for the lovable Dachshund that found me this summer. It was a Pennies From Heaven Moment for sure. Thanks Mom.   I will also have a print of beloved local performer Ernie Williams. RIP Earnie!  All artist works on display in the barn are numbered, no names, so look for the list  to identfy the work, or look for my signature. Yes, you can vote on your favorite there too. All entries have a chance to win a First, Second, Third Place Ribbon or Honorable Mention satin ribbon, along with  cash prizes awarded by the fair. How cool is that! 

I love the Fair... so many talented photographers and artists, and gardeners, and bakers, and 4-H displays and coews, and horses, and old farm machinery and ... and...


Sues photography selected for inclusion in Schoharie Crossings "View and Vistas" calendar!

Sue's  fine art photo, amply named "Reflections," of one of the historic buildings in Schoharie Crossings, was chosen as one of Schoharie Crossings 2018 calendar photos! I am so honored. Funny thing is, I didn't particulary think "Reflections" would work as a public display, as it literally is a house shown upside down, since the historic house  is a reflection in a pond. It was a windless day, and the house is reflected perfectly. I thought viewers would try to turn the print upright!  Guess I was wrong! (Tee hee.)