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Another magazine entry! Capital District Senior SpotLight 

Editor Diane Biachi of Capital District Senior Spotlight chose Sues photography and article  to print in the  November 2013 magazine. Sue describes in detail the plane trip she took to Washington DC, and  how WWII veteran's loved their Leatherstocking Honor Flight trip to see their WWII Memorial in one day! One man left his nursing home to take the flight. Good for him. Another WWII veteran had to be lifted from the car he came in, into his wheel chair,and onto the plane,  but he was all smiles when he left Albany Airport, and when he came back. Bless the Leatherstocking Honor Flight staff, including President Greg Furlong,and  Rhonda and John Cooper. I also want to tip a hat to Patriot Guard Captain Bill Schaff, and all the Patriot Guard Motorcycle group that escorted these hero's to and from their local  gathering places, to the airport. I could see it starting to dawn on the veterans that this ride was going to be very special, when 75 motorcycles showed up to escort the VA bus, along with the police. The veterans were surprised and deeply grateful for your escort, and the respect you gave to them. When I find the darn article on line, I will post it!!!  

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