2016 - So... one of my fav friend models, Ms. Tracy,  allowed me to use the  fab street portrait I took of her in Saratoga  for my first ad,  which is now printed in the  SPRING Edition of "Simply Saratoga."

  "Simply Saratoga" was  just distributed throughout Saratoga County. It can be found in the Price Chopper free magazine bin, and Saratoga Library. Thanks Tracy!  

In the same magazine , you will see an article spotlighting Dr. Roger Wyatt and his fiance Letia Splain Dayer,  and their great love of all things art, including Dr. Rogers LIFE ON THE RUN - the movie! My photography was used for that article. I was honored.    


Sue and the magazine front covers!

As most of you know, Johnny Thorpe made a living off the land, and with his artistic talents. I photographed him since 2005. Since his untimely passing, several trap magazines have decided to issue a special honorary edition of their magazines, honoring Johnny. They have generously invited Sue to send in photos, and article, for their MARCH 2016  magazine editions. Both Trappers Post and Trappers Forum have chosen Sue's photos of Johnny for each of their front covers,  along with printing articles that Sue wrote  about her time with Johnny Thorpe, off the trap line. It is an honor to have my photography and writing skills featured in two  national magazines.  Johnny would have been proud.

Below is a carving in the  traditional NW design Johnny so loved to carve. 


Stony Creek Library hosting Sue's photography of Johnny Thorpe's life

July August 2016 - 

Stony Creek Library will be hosting a fine arts photography show featuring Jophnny Thorpe, photographed by Sue,  over the years. The shows opening reception is Saturday, June 25th, 2016, from 4-7 PM. Dinner at Stony Creek Inn after! The show will be an eclectic collection of all things JT! Come honor his life with Sue and Friends. 


"Cowboy Poetry" Internet Group - Mark Munzert - Group Moderator

Mark Munzert just asked me to join the "Cowboy Poetry" Internet group that he moderates. I will be submitting some of my Western Images. Mark chooses  Western Photography, displays it, then  asks the cowboy/girl  poets to submit a poem.  This is gonna be a cool project.  Mark has spent a lot of time out West with some of the biggest cowboy poets. Naturally he has nationally famous  cowboy poets following this internet group.  I am honored to offer my photography as an inspiration to these western wordsmiths! I also   discovered the amazing Western photographer of  "100 Years, 100 Ranches," Scott Baxter, submitted his photography also! Dang!  Mark - I appreciate your reaching out to  me and my photography collection.  I know it  takes this  kind of support to get ones  talents out there.  I have a large body of photograghy work that spotlights all things Western, and it needed some air and light!!!   Sue Clark  www.SuePhotography.com


SIMPLY SARATOGA MAGAZINE features Sues photography in a two page spread!!!

I am SO excited! Editor Chris Vallone Bushee has chosen to spotlight my photography in a two page spread, in the latest issue of Simply Saratoga Magazine!!!( Home and Garden Special Edition - 2015) She mentioned in the magazine that she decided to do this, becuase she was "simply wowed" by my interpretation of downtown Saratoga!"  How cool is that? She also engaged my services in photographing local general stores of the Saratoga and adjoining regions! Happy Dance! A big thank-you to all! Below is co-owner Richie of Lakeside Farms. A bit shy around the camera, he finally posed.