2017 EVENTS!

Fall / Winter 2017 -


October 2 - 30, 2017.   Saratoga Library Hallway Gallery exhibit - "Doll Face" Fine art photography by Sue Clark.

October 28, 2017. Opening reception for "In Harms Way." Schenectady Historical Society, Mabee Farm 1100 Main Street, Rotterdam Junction, NY. All about Hurricane Irenes damaging visit to our area.  10 of Sue's photos have been chosen by  Director  Dr. Ellen McHale of the NYS Folklore Society. Thank-you, Dr. McHale!

November 4, 2017.


WHERE: 9 Hampstead Place, Saratoga - Kiran Bora's Farmers Insurance Suite #106. The FIRST host.  (Beautiful Space.) Thanks Kiran!

Sue's Navajo Code Talker photo portraits will be displayed. (Art) + YOU!  (Friendly Faces) We would like to thank all veterans, first responeders, police officers, and fireman that come visit along with anyone wisheing to see a friendly face, and to talk. This is NOT an insurance event. We just wanted to create a friendly event.

Bring the grandkids.  We will be handing out info on the Code Talkers that can be used as part of their  school project!  Got Girl / Boy Scouts? Bring them!

Cider, donuts, wine, cheese, local freebies!  

 November 11- December 31, 2017. Saratoga Arts All Member Art Show!!! Opening Reception is December 2, 2017, 6-8 PM.

December 2, 2018. 6-8 PM.  Saratoga Arts All -Member Art Show Opening Reception and Potluck. (6-8 PM.) A favorite! We meet at Saratoga Holiday Inn for cocktails and a bite to eat before hand. See you there!  







1997 B4C CamaroThe Chevrolet B4C Camaro model is a Chevrolet Camaro equipped with a "Special Service" police package, also known as B4C Special Equipment Options code. The package was offered on the Camaro between 1991 and 2002. It was not available to the public for purchase.

The B4C package has heavier-duty features over a standard Camaro, as well as some options specific to the installation of police equipment. The Chevrolet Camaro B4C option has been available since 1991 when it was introduced. The 1992 version of the Camaro B4C (Special Service Package) got the addition of 1LE brakes and suspension, making it the best performing third generation Camaro available with air conditioning.

The B4C option was also deemed popular enough to be carried on to the fourth generation model. Heavy duty features include oversized front and rear sway bars, high-output alternator, larger (in years after 1991) four-wheel disc brakes, separate engine, power steering, and transmission oil coolers, and certified 145 mph (233 km/h) speedometer. Most of the heavier duty option parts come from a combination of parts from both the regular Z28 and the racing and handling package of the special 1LE option list.

Sues 1997 B4C Camaro has a history of serving with the New York State Police force, patrolling the Long Island Expressway. When first purchased for police use, this Camaro sat on Albany, NY state property, for one year, before being assigned to police duty! Due to  the intended use of these vehicles, (high-speed chases,) the Camaro could  not be driven in the rain, snow, (but of coarse!) or at night. The trooper assigned to the Camaro was responsible for bringing the Camaro in every 5000 miles, for fluid changes,   tune-ups, and upgrades in equipment.  Despite the fact that these retired police cruisers  are being auctioned off with higher mileage, it is a guarantee that these cars have  had excellent mechanical care during its service period.

So far, Sues has won 3 trophies in car shows with the B4C, to add to her collection. (Sue has owned many collector Camaros and Firebirds.) The car was going to be used as a training car for stunt drivers, by the  former owner, until the track plans fell through. It currently still sports the advertisement paint job. It stands out yet again.

She also has raced with the Adirondack Corvette Club, during their autocross event at the Lake George NY Adirondack Nationals. Sue walked away with a First Place trophy in her class. Sue says it is always fun to take off her helmet, and hear people saying, "that was a girl driving!" She wants stickier tires. The Dukes of Hazard driving has to end.

UPDATE!!! On Saturday, 9/8/12, Sue raced her 1997 B4C Camaro on Prospect Mountain with the Adirondack Corvette Club. On her last run, (6th,) Sue pulled a clean, fast  run  out of the bag, and was awarded "Fastest Woman On the Mountain," by the Corvette Club. Competition was lean, as not a lot of women race, but the old 1997 topped Corvettes!!!  Gimme 5.